The Civil Defence Co-ordinating Committee (CDCC) was renamed as Civil Defence Executive Committee (CDEC) when it was brought under the purview of the PA from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) in November 1998.

The CDEC promotes community awareness of civil defence and helps maintain a competent civil defence capability in the constituency. It organises activities and exercises and prepares residents to overcome emergencies.

S.No Name Position
 1  Mr Wallace Chew Gow Hee, BBM  Patron 
 2  Mr Shi Song Jun @ Sugeng Sanusi  Chairman 
 3  Mr Tan Jeng Poh  Vice Chairman 
 4  Mdm Tan Hui Guek Venus  Vice Chairman 
 5  Ms Vivienne Ho Kinn Yhin  Secretary 
 6  Mr Toh Meng Yak Michael  Assistant Secretary 
 7  Miss Wong Kia Chyi  Assistant Secretary 
 8  Ms Law Chang Fong, Lorina  Treasurer 
 9  Mdm Shirley Dam Thi Khuyen  Assistant Treasurer
 10  Mr Edwin Leong Hong Fatt  Auditor
 11  Mr Sharif Bin Ahmad  Auditor 
 12  Mr Shi Song Yuan @ Hendy Sanusi  Member 
 13  Mr Thomas Aw San Kiong  Member 
 14  Mr Alran Foo Sai Seng  Member 
 15  Mr Goh Swee Heng  Member 
 16  Mr Koh Swee Chiok PBM  Member 
 17  Mr Ong Cheng Kiat Gary  Member 
 18  Mr Tan Yew Kong  Member 
 19  Mr Thirunvukarasu Adalarasan  Member 
 20  Mr Yeo Hak Heng  Member 
 21  Mdm Wong Heng Mui  Member 
 22  Ms Chun Thai Leng  Member 
 23  Mdm Parameswary d/o Sockalingam  Member 
 24  Mr Wong Kwong Chung, Julian  Member 
 25  Mr Low Yong Keng, Victor  Member 
 26  Mr Jais Bin Salleh  Member 
 27  Mr Rassap Bin Hassan  Member 
 28  Mdm Pang Yoke Hwa, Angeline  Member 
 29  Mdm Sim Kwai Pheng, Janice  Member 
 30  Mr Tan Khee Howe  Observer 

1.CEP training and National Life Saving Day 2014, 19 January 2014
  • HQ 3rd Civil Defence Division - short tour within the department’s compound which includes fire-fighting procedure and equipment demonstration(s).
  • Republic Polytechnic, Agora Halls for National Life Saving Day 2014 - fully subsidised CPR and AED training course trained by fully certified instructors.

1. Budget Dialogue & Appreciation Lunch: 25th March 2007
CDEC member took part and actively involved in the discussion.

2. Grassroots Cluster Community Engagement Program: 9th March 2007
CDEC took part in the event. The information gathered is useful for the Nee Soon South Community Engagement Program to be launch in June 2007.

3. Emergency Preparedness Response Course for Block/Street Representative (Reps) and Nee Soon South Grassroots Leaders: 25th March 2007
More than 300 GRLs, Street/Block Reps participates in the events. The event was very successfully done with good response. The Advisor encouraged the participant to join in other CDEC cources.

4. 3rd Div Year Work Plan: 27th April 2007
Representatives from NSS CDEC participate in the workshop.

5. Nee Soon South Community Day: 13th May 2007
This event took place at Lower Seletar Reservoir from 3.00pm to 6.30pm. Minister of Health was the GOH. 3rd Div and NSS CDEC took part in the exhibition cum taking care of first aid.

6. NSS Community Engagement Program (CEP) Workshop: 16th June 2007
CDEC co-organised the event. It was a successful event with the attendance of community leaders from RCs, NCs, religious groups, schools and representatives from Home Team, MCYS, MOH. This is the first part of a series of CEP program in NSS.

7. EP Evacuation Exercise for Zone 'D' RC: 24th June 2007
A joint organised exercise by CDEC, EPG and NSS Zone 'D' RC. The residents from Blk 836 had been invited tom participate in the exercise. This is the first of its kind evacuation exercise in NSS and the program was successfully conducted.

8. Table-Top Exercise: 8th July 2007
A joint organised events with EPG. Representatives from CDEC had participated in the exercise.

9. Emergency preparedness Courses Training: 1st September 2007
This is part of the NSS CEP program. The participants response were encouraging and another successful events organised by CDEC.

2006-2007 Awards
  1. Most Active CDEC Award - 2006

  2. Central Singapore Community Safety and Security Programme CSSP Excellent Award - 2007

  3. National CSSP Award - 2007

  4. Good Initiator Award - 2007

  5. Outstanding Division Project Award - 2007

  6. CSSP Carnival Merit Award - 2007

  7. Public Service Medal 2007
    - Mr Johnny Soo, PBM
    - Mr Koh Swee Chiok, PBM

Emergency Preparedness Centre
Address : Blk. 839, Yishun St. 81
Phone : 67533121 (NSS CC)